VueMinder Ultimate

VueMinder Ultimate 9.0.0

A calendar program that sends reminders to your desktop, email, and phone.

A calendar program that sends reminders to your desktop, email, and phone.

Access your Google Calendar, even when offline, directly on your Windows desktop. Events are extended with support for additional reminder types and user-defined custom fields. Events, tasks, notes, and contacts can be linked with each other, helping you to make sense of your data and access related items with minimal effort. All data can be shared over a local network, allowing your office to run more efficiently. Easy to learn and free to try.

- Sync with Google Calendar

- Subscribe to web calendars

- Attach files to events

- Import and export to ICS

- Save calendars as web pages

- Backup and restore data

- Overlay multiple calendars

- Sync with Outlook

- Share events over LAN

- Manage tasks

- Create notes

- View item lists

- Wrap titles in Month view

- Link items with other items

- Excel import/export

- Print additional layouts

- Customize event colors

- Define default reminder

- Send email reminders

- Send SMS and voice reminders

- Share notes and tasks over LAN

- Share contacts over LAN

- Define custom input fields

- Sync custom data over LAN

- Import and export custom data

VueMinder Ultimate provides many features that aren't present in other programs:

- Wrap text and adjust detail levels.

- Share events, notes, tasks, and contacts over a local network.

- Calendar browser for adding public calendars.

- Link events, tasks, notes, and contacts with one another.

- Define custom input fields for contacts, events, tasks, and notes.

- Import/export data to Excel

- Save calendars to web pages

- Send reminders via email, SMS, or voice phone to distributions lists.

A calendar program that lives on your Windows desktop but also syncs with Google Calendar and Google Tasks. Reminders can be shared over a local network and sent via email, SMS, or voice phone - to yourself and others.

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VueMinder Ultimate


VueMinder Ultimate 9.0.0

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